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Hi! We are Build Hello. Our job is to make your business more web friendly. With 8 years of programming experience we do this cheaply, building custom fit websites uniquely designed to attract the customers you want. Choose Build Hello and choose more tomorrow for less today.

Time for a makeover? Great dynamic websites built for your business with Wordpress. Static websites built with Hugo, the world's fastest static framework. From wireframing and coding to production, commercial websites cost thousands of dollars. With a small business introduction package, Build Hello can get you started for as little as $800.

  • Wordpress
  • Avada
  • WooCommerce
  • Hugo

From branding and slogans to crafty compaigns, marketing drives your business. Through feedback and consultation, Build Hello can help you brand or rebrand your business. We like to shoot the breeze and get to know you a bit so we can get the brand that feels just right for you, then we put it on the page. Get started with Build Hello and ask about our consultation.

With more than a dozen major e-mail clients, HTML and CSS rendering lags browser rendering. Build Hello goes back to basics to code HTMl newsletters that reach your clients aesthetically regardless of e-mail client. Landing pages convert leads into business. We offer small business marketing campaign packages that include landing pages.

  • Logo Design
  • HTML E-mails
  • Landing Pages

Content, content, content. Writing effectively for the web means finding the right mix between content that informs your readers and content that optimizes your search engine results. You know the content that appeals to you, our job is to write it. Get started with Build Hello, and ask about our content writing.

  • Pitches
  • Blog Posts
  • White Papers
  • Articles
  • Charts

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The Services

Starter Package

Host configuration. Wordpress install. Theme installation. Your logo added. Nav heading text. Slider install. Customize main page template. Essential plugin install. Intro to DIY Wordpress. $800


Consultation. Mockups. Logo and brand design. Individual page and theme design. Brochure and flyer design.

Web Development

Consultation. Structural coding. Page layout. Website optimization. Multilingual website. Full website from start to finish.


Simple, fast, web copy. Articles. Posts. White papers. Content optimization. Pitches. Bios. Sales copy. Copy editing.


Changing frameworks. Adding object orientation. Adding Sass. Cleaning up your CSS. General refactoring of outdated code.


CMS version upgrades. Plugin Conflicts. Database flushing. Virus removal. Bug fixing. General troubleshooting.

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Some Samples

Sample Mock-Up
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The Team

Team Member Stats

Yuri Tricys

General Info

  • Positions :
  •  Marketing, Project Management, Web Dev
  • Alumni :
  •  UBC
  • Major :
  •  Economics


  • Programming :
  •  10 Years
  • Web Dev :
  •  7 Years
  • Management :
  •  6 Years
  • Economics :
  •  5 Years
  • Research :
  •  2 Years
  • Data Science :
  •  2 Years
  • Languages :
  •  Javascript, PHP, SQL, R
  • Frame Works :
  •  Wordpress, Hugo
    Yuri Tricys, Marketing, Project Management, Web Development

    Yuri Tricys

    Marketing/Web Development

    Hi, my name is Yuri. I first started coding at UBC 10 years ago. After working as a researcher, coding economic models, I took up web development, which I've been doing for 7 years. It's great fun. Drop me a line to find out more!

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