The Great Crash [No, not the financial crash of 2008, or the Covid crash of 2020, the equally terrifying crash of your precious revenue generating website!]

Websites crash for many reasons:

  • Browsers and operating systems release new versions

  • Frameworks release updates that conflict with packages and plugins

  • Package authors move on and stop maintaining packages

  • Languages themselves are constantly improving

  • Any change to any input in your technology stack or code base can crash your site, or reveal flaws in your code

What You Don’t Know Hurt You

Those errors mentioned above are often visible. Even one tiny error can break your entire site.

But the worst errors are errors you can't see.

When users navigate your website with different technologies, they should experience what you planned for them, not a wonky, broken, UI that takes fully one week to load.

Talk about a disaster!

Enter Cheap Maintenance Package!

Yes, you read that right, our maintenance package is cheap.

And good.

We scan logs, predict and neutralize weaknesses, and make routine updates smooth.

Adding a monthly maintenance package from a local web development service provider (like Build Hello) is a cost-effective way to stay on top of potential issues.

Hello Assessment!

It can also ease your mind to have your code base properly assessed.

A decent report outlining your website architecture, and indicating areas where routine errors should be anticipated, is the next best thing to having your developer include an easy to navigate professionally written users manual in your initial website build.

At Build Hello we include an assessment in our consulting package that does just that!

It let's you know where your website is at, and includes a quote pricing changes you may want now, or down the road.

Wait, There’s More!

Sometimes your website crashes and you just want to get back up and running again as quickly as possible - you don't need a full assessment!

Don't worry, We'll give you a minimum needs assessment, and all the prices to expect before any work is done.

When your website is down (or isn't exactly helping) give us a call, drop a note in our form, or send in an e-mail.

We'll reply in short order and hook you up with a fix, so you can get back to doing what you do best...

Being a Rockstar!

An image of Rockstar video game company founder Dan Houser Dan Houser, Co-Founder Rockstar Games [Image: IGN Store]

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