Time to Make Some Changes

There are a lot of reasons application owners refactor code-bases.

Programming languages evolve, demanding new code structures or updates to code architecture.

New more efficient programs and applications are introduced into technology stacks.

Business and project plans evolve requiring more advanced functionality.

The above reasons are common, but it's not uncommon to discover one or more developers have left an owner with an inefficient or overly complex code base - or one that is dependant on a now obsolete technology.

Still Time to Make Some Changes

Or it might be that you just want to upgrade your code base, and make it awesomer.

Synonyms to "awesome":

"blue-chip," "bang-up," "straight-chillin," "gilt-edge," "sterling," "top-shelf," "bonnie," "first-rate," "numero uno," "steller," "incroyable."

Staying ahead of the times.

Here Are a Few Examples of Common Refactoring Tasks:

  • Converting CSS to SCSS or SASS

  • Introducing object-orientation into your code base

  • Minifying your code base with DRYer code

  • Swapping in new more functionally fitting or cheaper libraries

  • Inlining above-the-fold CSS or Javascript

  • Preloading resources

  • Lazy loading third-party scripts

  • Cutting redundant or unused code

  • Restructuring code architecture - care for a plugin or child-theme?

  • Implementing or upgrading L2 CSP, for dynamic websites

  • Simplifying processes

  • Improving image processing

  • Changing themes

  • Changing frameworks

  • And much, much more...

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And Then We Will Refactor Your Code Base


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