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We found while searching for 'pajeon', a popular international food from Korea.

'Pajeon' is the scallop 'Jeon.'

'Jeons' come with a variety of dominant ingredients. Each dominant ingredient changes the name.

Here's a primer on how to cook Jeon:

"It is made by placing jjokpa scallions parallel on a hot pan with vegetable oil, pan-frying them, then ladling onto them the batter made by mixing wheat flour, water, soybean paste, and sugar. The pancake is turned over when the bottom holds together and is golden-brown. It is usually served with a dipping sauce made of soy sauce."

~ Wikipedia

For more on 'Jeon', read the webpage we reviewed.

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Maangchi herself is a clear 10/10 - she has more than 6 million subscribers to her YouTube channel; however, we awarded MAANGCHI.COM a 6/10!

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